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Fuel Payment Plans

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Diesel Services from Countryside
Diesel Services from Countryside
Diesel Services from Countryside

Budget Plan

Our Budget Plans Make It Easy to Spread Out Your Heating Oil Costs!

Here's How It Works:

We Simply Estimate Your Yearly Usage

We Create 12 Easy Monthly Payments

Countryside Will Send You a Payment Coupon Book for Added Convenience


  • All Budget Plans renew June 1 and expire May 31.
  • Call to request the Budget Plan form to start the plan.
  • The budget plan is designed to create a credit on your account. That way, when we make the delivery, there is already a credit on your account to pay for the oil. If at any time there is not a large enough credit, you would be required to pay the difference.
  • Any previous balance must be paid in full before you start the Budget Plan.
  • The monthly payment is subject to change at any time. There are many factors that will effect your monthly payment. They are the cost of heating oil, weather changes, furnace efficiency, and house insulation. A change to any of these will most likely result in an adjustment to your monthly payment.
  • You are free to cancel your budget at any time and the credit on your account can stay there to be used later, or we can refund the money to you.

Our Budget Plans Help to Eliminate the Possibility of Having to Pay a Large Heating Oil Bill, at an Inconvenient Time!

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Prepay Plan

The Prepay Plan allows you to prepay all of your fuel for the coming heating season and get a locked-in price for the heating oil or propane that you purchase with the Prepay Plan. No matter how high the price goes, you get the locked-in Prepay price. This program runs from October 1 through May 31.


  • Prepay Plans are available for both heating oil and propane.
  • A minimum of 400 gallons must be ordered for the season.
  • Any remaining credit leftover from the Prepay Plan after May 31 will become a credit to be used toward future deliveries.
  • The Prepay price does not apply for deliveries after May 31.
  • The Prepay Plan requires automatic delivery.
Countryside Home & Fuel Services
Countryside Home & Fuel Services

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