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Garbage Disposals

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Garbage Disposal Repair, Maintenance, and Installation Service

Are you looking for a professional to install or repair your garbage disposal? Installing or repairing a garbage disposal on your own can result in unexpected performance issues and unsafe operation.

At Countryside, our reliable and experienced technicians service every make and model at an affordable price from our Myerstown, PA office. We serve Lebanon, Berks, and Schuylkill Counties with professional garbage disposal repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation

Installing Your Garbage Disposal Safely

A garbage disposal can be indispensable in a busy kitchen. Relying on a professional plumber to install your garbage disposal can make the process smooth and ensure the safe operation of the product. We install your garbage disposal quickly and without any mess. Avoid leaks, malfunctions, and hazards by relying on the experts at Countryside to install your garbage disposal with peace of mind.

We can help you determine the best in-sink disposal for your needs. We help you find a disposal that is insufficient for your daily routine and within your budget. The cost of a new garbage disposal can vary, but our courteous plumbers will help you get the most out of your new garbage disposal. We make sure that your garbage disposal is leak-free and functioning as it should before we leave.

To keep your newly installed garbage disposal performing for years, make sure it is well-maintained.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance for Optimal Performance

Maintenance is essential to a long-lasting garbage disposal that performs as you expect. Our routine garbage disposal maintenance will help you avoid clogs, leaks, and costly failures of your garbage disposal. We carefully inspect the disposal, checking the mechanical and electrical components, clean the disposal, lubricate the mechanism, and sharpen the blades if necessary. Maintain your disposal’s operation by avoiding waste and food items that could jam the mechanism. Coffee grounds, fibrous vegetables, oil, pasta, bones, and other hard materials should be placed in the trash can instead of the disposal. You can help your garbage disposal remain cool by running cold water while it is operating. Citrus fruit peels, ice, or a mixture of vinegar and baking soda can clean the blades and eliminate unwanted smells. Avoid chemicals like drain cleaner that may harm the disposal. With proper maintenance, your disposal can last up to 15 years. If your garbage disposal is not well maintained, you may encounter issues. What are common garbage disposal problems?

If your garbage disposal is having any of the issues above or is not working at all, professional repairs may be necessary.

Repairing Your Garbage Disposal

If nothing happens when you switch your garbage disposal on, it may be time to call a professional for repair. We can make sure that your garbage disposal is correctly diagnosed and repaired following the manufacturer’s recommended procedures and correct parts.

Can you fix your garbage disposal on your own?

For your safety and the correct operation of your garbage disposal, it is best to rely on our professionals. Our repair service can help you save time and money. We fix your disposal quickly without causing a mess and repair it correctly the first time.

We commonly perform the following repairs:

If your garbage disposal is nearly 15 years old or requires frequent repair, our plumbers may recommend a replacement.

Replacing an Old Garbage Disposal

When garbage disposal repair is not cost-effective, rely on our professionals to quickly replace it. A garbage disposal that is unreliable or over 10 to 15 years old will likely need replacement.

An old disposal can overheat frequently, may be leaky, noisy, or jam easily. High-quality parts become less readily available for older garbage disposals, and they may require frequent repairs. Replacing an old garbage disposal can save you money on repairs and maintenance.

Should you repair or replace your garbage disposal? Our experts can help you determine the solution that is right for you. A new disposal will run more reliably and has more energy-efficiency.

Garbage Disposal Service From Countryside

A garbage disposal can be essential to your daily routine in the kitchen. The experts at Countryside can install, maintain, and repair your garbage disposal. Our service area includes many locations in and around Myerstown, Manheim, and Ephrata. Contact us to schedule an appointment for installation or service of your garbage disposal today.