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Drain Cleaning

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Your Drain Cleaning Service Provider

A clogged drain can quickly turn into a massive mess. You may find yourself struggling with water collecting in areas you don’t want it to collect or, worse, unable to use specific drains, pipes, or sinks because of the clog. Over time, clogged drains can even lead to broken pipes, which can make an even bigger mess.

Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle those tasks alone. If you’re in the Lebanon or Hershey area, Countryside can come out and help deal with those clogged or dirty drains for you.

Identifying Problems

Sometimes, you may not know where the clog has gathered. You may know that a particular sink isn’t draining as quickly as usual or that you seem to be having trouble when you run water through a certain pipe, but you may not know exactly where the clog has gathered. Hair in showers and bathroom sinks, in particular, can pose a serious problem that you may struggle to locate.

Outdoors, you may discover that water is collecting in an unusual area: places where you don’t usually have trouble with water gathering are suddenly sloshing under your feet, often in spite of clear weather and no rain falling from the sky.

At Countryside, our experienced technicians will help identify the clog and determine what challenges you might be facing. We’ll find the real source of the problem, rather than just treating minor symptoms without addressing the issues you’re really facing. In many cases, we can see problems that you might not be able to identify on your own, from outside the pipes. Once we identify the problem, we can give you a better idea of what it will take to fix it, including a comprehensive estimate of any costs you might face.

Clearing and Snaking Drains

Sometimes, clogs exist deep in the drain, where you can’t get to them on your own. A plumbing snake can help break up that clog and allow water to flow smoothly again. Sometimes, simply breaking the clog up into smaller pieces is enough to move it on through and get your pipes flowing normally again. While we’re working on your clog, we’ll also ensure that it moves all the way through the system, so that it doesn’t settle in another location just out of reach and cause further problems for your system.

In addition, we can locate clogs from different points of access, including points that you might not be able to access on your own. For many homeowners, we’re able to move clogs down the line until they reach the larger water main, where they can more easily wash away. We’ll ensure that the line is completely clear and that your water can go back to its usual smooth, consistent flow. If necessary, we’ll access multiple points along the line to help move the clog through.

An Inside Look at Your Lines

Do you suspect a break or leak in your line, or a sneaky clog somewhere along the line that could be causing problems with your drainage? We can put a camera into the lines and take an inside look at the lines, identifying any potential problems and repairing them. This strategy is minimally invasive and doesn’t require us to damage pipes or walls just to identify a potential leak or clog.

Jetting High-Pressure Water Through the System

Sometimes, your drains need a general clean-out. As you operate normally in your home over the course of years, you may have grease, grit, and other debris building up in your pipes in spite of your best efforts to keep them clear. As particles build up on the walls of the pipes, it can become increasingly difficult to move water normally through your system. High-pressure water sent through the system can help clean away that grit and grime, allowing your pipes to flow more smoothly. High-pressure water jets can also help clean out outdoor drains, ensuring that water can keep moving into the drain instead of collecting in your yard.

Regular Maintenance

In a perfect world, everything in your home, including your pipes, would always work just as well as it did when it was new. Unfortunately, over the lifetime of your home, you can tell how wear and tear starts to break down your system. You may conduct preventative maintenance on many areas of your home, including your HVAC unit, your appliances, and your roof. Did you know that your pipes and drains need regular maintenance, too? Preventative maintenance on your pipes and drains can actually help prevent clogs and problems all throughout the year.

Do You Need to Schedule Drain Cleaning Services?

From Berks to Cornwall, Countryside can come out to help you deal with sneaky clogs or buildup in your drains. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.