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Electric Heat

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Maintaining and Servicing Your Electric Heat System

For your electric heat system to work efficiently, you need to have a regular electric heat repair and servicing schedule. Have the filters, fins, and coils checked to slow down the decline of their performance. The inspection entails establishing a proper and safe connection and checking that there’s no damage or corrosion. A disconnection in any part could lead to electrical damage to components of or the entire system. It’s only through regular electric heat maintenance and inspection that you can catch and repair small amounts of damage to minimize damage. When the structures can no longer work as they should, a certified HVAC professional will recommend that you replace them.

Electric Heat Repairs

Home electric heat systems fall into two common types, and each works differently.

Electric Furnace

An electric furnace works in a closely similar manner to a gas furnace. It blows air through heating elements into heating ducts for distribution throughout the home. It forces cold air through the system, delivering it back to the furnace for heating and redistribution.

The heating coils rely on electricity to work instead of natural gas. As such, electric furnaces have a more straightforward installation process. They don’t require an exhaust chimney to eliminate exhaust outside of the home.

Several parts of an electrical heater could require repair or replacement over time. For example, the blower or motor can become clogged or overloaded, making it necessary to reset the system. Other issues that arise include:

Scheduling routine electric heat service and preventative measures will go a long way in keeping all these issues from escalating.

Electric Boiler

Boilers use gas to heat water in the closed loop instead of running on electricity. The boiler heats the water before directing it through the radiators to the entire home. Electric boilers have electric components that support the heating process, exposing you to fewer risks than natural gas boilers.

While gas boilers are prone to gas leaks, electric boilers come with the risk of damaging the electronic components. The interior parts may also rust, which you can prevent with regular electric heat maintenance.

How Electric Heat Operates and Keep Homes Warm

You can save money on electric heating systems if you understand how they use energy. In their broad range, heating systems fall into two categories.

Forced Air Systems

These use a fan or blower to pull air into the system. The air undergoes heating and finds its way into your home. A loose connection can make the systems squeaky, requiring routine air filter changes to run well.

A forced-air system comprises a blower, supply and return ductwork, a plenum, and a heating or cooling system. The supply ductwork is responsible for carrying all air from the house back to the air handler and blower. Three common types of forced air systems are natural gas or propane systems, ductless or AC systems, and heat pumps.

Radiant Systems

Radiant systems use heat to push air through convection. Cool air replaces heated air as it rises and moves for distribution around the house. The systems work passively and hence tend to heat rooms quite slowly. They also fail to filter allergens and dust from the air and may not be as energy-efficient as other systems. Besides, they are the most costly in terms of purchase, installation, and maintenance.

Who Repairs Electric Baseboard Heaters?

When you need baseboard heat repair, electric heat tune-up, repair, servicing, or maintenance, engage the services of an expert. Bosch electric heater replacement and maintenance require the services of an expert in the equipment, for example.

A well-trained professional service and maintenance technician is in the best position to find and fix problems in the heating system. They should:

Baseboard heat service is necessary when the heater isn’t turning on or when the thermostat won’t work correctly. At Countryside, Berks, you can trust our expertise to get the work done.

Final Thoughts

Your electric heat system requires regular maintenance and service to work correctly. Several components and elements need to be checked for proper functioning and connection. Whenever your systems are due for service, ensure you always engage trained and qualified technicians. Call us at Countryside, Reading, for more information about our services, and to book an appointment.