Heating Oil Information

As our society continues to search for a reliable, sustainable energy source oil heat is often shed in a negative light.  The truth is oil heat is now more clean, reliable, and affordable than ever!

Is oil heat clean?

Yes, oil heat is clean to burn. When oil heat is properly installed and maintained, no observable soot, dirt, or odors are evident in the home, giving you peace of mind.

Is oil heat economical?

Yes, today's heat systems are more efficient than ever before, often outperforming the efficiency of other fuel systems.

Is oil heat safe?

Yes, heating oil is not only safe, but it burns cleaner. Unlike gaseous fuels, heating oil will not support combustion (flame) unless the temperature is about 140 degrees Fahrenheit. There is not enough fuel vapor to cause an explosion or fire and it has low carbon monoxide risk.

Do I need Heating Oil or Kerosene?

If you have an outside tank you will want to use Kerosene or Heating Oil with an winter additive. Either of these products are used so that during the cold winter your fuel lines will not freeze. If your tank is located indoors, you will usually use heating oil.

Why should I heat my house with Heating Oil?

The truth about oil heat is that it is the best energy source available. The majority of home heating oil is sold by local dealers such as us, who live and work in your community, and believe that customer service is as important as the products we sell.

Home heating oil is clean burning. Modern oil burners produce negligible amounts of smoke and soot. Oil heating equipment has always been more advanced and many equipment innovations have been developed that are revolutionizing oil heat technology.

When deciding on how to heat your home, learn about efficiency factors: Oil furnaces can exceed 90% efficiency, gas furnaces are 77% efficient, electric heat furnaces are only about 31% efficient. (Source: U.S. Department of Energy)

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How do I know how much oil I have left in my tank?

By joining our automatic delivery program, you will never have to worry about your oil levels. Our computerized calculating system automatically schedules a delivery for you. You will never need to check your oil tank. If you have any concerns, please feel free to call our office.

If you're still unsure about your fuel levels, remember, every tank has a gauge built into the top of the tank. This gauge will give you a reading of how much oil is left in the tank.

How much oil will my house need?

Home oil fuel usage depends on factors such as the size of your tank, system efficiency, insulation and overall household habits like the number of inhabitants.

What is the price of oil?

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