General Information

Whether you are new to the area and need home heating products, or you are interested in better service with lower energy rates, Countryside is here to address all of your questions and concerns.

Who do you provide heating services for?

We provide a range of heating services for residential home owners, small and large businesses, and farmers who are all within our delivery area. For your convenience, we recently expanded our delivery area to Hershey, Grantville, Kutztown, Reading and Allentown.

What products do you supply to homes, businesses, and farms in eastern Pennsylvania?

Propane gas, also called LPG, is used to heat our homes and hot water, for cooking, grilling and to fuel our cars. Propane is also used by businesses and agricultural for all sorts of applications. 

We use home heating oil for residential owners and business owners. Heating oil is a thin liquid petroleum that is often used as the fuel of choice for furnaces or boilers in buildings. It is very similar to diesel fuel, which is another product that we sell.

Bio diesel is an animal fat or vegetable oil based diesel fuel that is used for diesel engines as well as a low carbon alternative to heating oil.

Kerosene is a thin, clear hydrocarbon liquid that is most commonly used in jet and rocket engines. It is also used for cooking and as a lighting fuel.

Gasoline is also a clear petroleum based liquid that is commonly used to fuel internal combustion engines. It contains a variety of additives that makes it easy to ignite.

Are you currently accepting new customers?

We are always expanding our delivery areas and welcome new customers who are looking for any number of our products like propane, home heating oil, kerosene, gasoline, and diesel fuel. Just create an account with us or give us a call and we'll be happy to help with all your heating needs.

How does a furnace work?

Oil furnaces consist of two parts: a combustion chamber and the water tank. They also have several water circulation pipes, a water pump, and a pipe to supply oil to the burners in the combustion chamber.
Oil enters the combustion chamber and feeds the burners. These burners ignite the oil which in turn heats the water in the water tank. The water pump forces hot water out of the tank and into the supply pipes for the radiators or heat source located throughout the building. The exiting water pushes water that is already in the radiators or heat source and has cooled down back into the boiler where it is heated again and recirculated. This heating process is controlled by thermostats that monitor the temperature in the various parts of the building as well as the water temperature in the boiler.

Why do energy prices fluctuate?

The oil we supply homes and businesses is a refined version of crude oil. If crude oil prices rise, then the price for heating oil will rise. Supply and demand for petroleum products like propane, home heating oil and diesel fuel changes over time, and the winter season sees more demand than in the summer.

With fluctuating Energy Prices how do I save money on home heating products?

Simply take a look at one of our four payment plans. Pick the plan that's right for you and you will be protected from seasonal jumps in prices. We currently offer a Budget Plan, a Budget Cap Plan, a Prepay plan, and a Capped Price plan. For more information, take a look at our Payment Plans section.