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Fuel & LP Gas

Countryside Fuel & LP Gas Delivery Budget Plans

Fuel and LP Gas Services at Countryside in Lebanon County, PA

Since 1992, Countryside has been a premium supplier of petroleum products, specializing in propane, home heating oil, kerosene, diesel fuel, and gasoline . With the best prices in the region, Countryside takes pride in supplying the majority of eastern Pennsylvania with over 25 years of affordable service and dependable experience. As a family-owned and operated business, we understand that nothing less than the best will do when it comes to your comfort and to the success of your business.


Propane is a great option for home heating if you are a homeowner looking to get the most out of your heating fuel. Propane can be utilized in central heating units, wall units, or a combination of the two. Although initial setup can be costly, you will save in the long run with federal, local, and state tax credits.

Propane heat is also long-lasting and clean-burning. Propane furnaces are not known for compromising air quality and have a lower maintenance cost than many other systems. If you’re looking to switch your home to propane-based heating, you can discover the savings, efficiency, and many other benefits of doing so right here at Countryside! Get an online quote in minutes, or click here to learn more!

Home Heating Oil

Oil heat has remained a mainstay among homeowners for generations, especially in southern Pennsylvania. Oil burns about 300 degrees hotter than natural gas and some other fuels, meaning homeowners with an oil heat system enjoy its ability to heat more quickly and evenly while burning less fuel overall.

Oil heat does not produce carbon monoxide as a byproduct, nor does it carry the risk of explosion. Because of this, it is considered much easier to store than some other fuels. Oil can be costly with maintenance and refills, but at Countryside, we offer a number of awesome budget plans to help ease this burden! Click here to learn more about them!


Kerosene home heating isn’t talked about as much as other methods of heating, but its use has many benefits. For one, kerosene does not gel up when exposed to colder temperatures, meaning it is easier to store outdoors throughout the year. In addition, furnaces and boilers run surprisingly well on kerosene during an emergency.

Kerosene has a higher viscosity than typical heating oil. This means that it has a lower flash point, but burns more cleanly than heating oil typically does. As a result, many kerosene furnaces are remarkably efficient.

Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuel is a great option for heating your home or powering machinery, especially if you find yourself in a pinch. Diesel does not evaporate as quickly nor is it as volatile as gasoline, and it takes less refining to make, meaning it is often less expensive than gasoline.

Diesel fuel shares similar heat-producing properties to heating oil, and it produces similar amounts of energy per gallon. In winter, certain diesel blends mixed with kerosene can also be used to prevent gelling and wax precipitation problems.


Did you know that natural gas tends to be the most affordable home heating option of all? It’s true! The federal Energy Administration (EIA) has reported that the average seasonal cost of natural gas heating is currently about 70 percent less per household than oil heat.

In addition, gasoline also produces lower carbon emissions than oil heat. Oftentimes, a gasoline furnace is slightly more expensive to install than some other symptoms, but the money you’ll save in the long run makes it worth it.

Your #1 Resource For Many Home Services

Managing the comforts of your home is about so much more than fuel service. No matter what your home’s heating, cooling, ventilation, generators, or water treatment needs are, the Countryside team is always ready to help!

Whether you find yourself in another frigid southeastern Pennsylvania winter, or in another Lebanon County heat wave, Countryside will be there to help guide you to a whole new world of home comfort. We can inspect your home’s heating, cooling, and ventilation systems to ensure everything is in working order.

In addition, we also offer multiple water services including water testing, water heating, pure water solutions, and more! Don’t forget, we’re also here to assist you with service and maintenance surrounding your home generator!

Securing the well-being of our friends and neighbors is a huge responsibility, but it’s one that Countryside is proud to bear. We invite you to browse through our website and see why we are one of the leading suppliers of petroleum products in the region. While other companies make claims, we make guarantees! We guarantee each customer the utmost satisfaction with our service, our products, and our prices. Contact Countryside today for all your fuel and LP gas needs!