Delivery Information

We deliver a variety of fuels, including propane, heating oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, and gasoline all at competitive prices.

What fuels do you deliver?

We deliver Propane, Heating Oil, Kerosene, On-Road and Off-Road Diesel Fuel, Ethenol 87 & 93 Octane Gasoline and Ethenol Free 87 & 90 Octane Gasoline.

What type of delivery options do you offer?

We offer Automatic, Scheduled, and Will-Call Deliveries.

What is Automatic Delivery?

Automatic delivery means that you can put your mind at ease and be assured we will deliver your propane or heating oil automatically as needed. This is the easiest way to assure that you do not run out of fuel. You do not need to monitor your own tank or call us for a delivery.

What is Scheduled Delivery?

Scheduled delivery means that we automatically deliver to you after a pre-determined time period has elapsed. Scheduled deliveries are helpful if your use is not consistent and automatic heating degree day delivery is not an option. You do not need to monitor your tank or call us for a delivery.

What is Will-Call Delivery?

Will-call delivery means that you will continue to monitor your own tank and call us when you need a delivery. With will-call, you accept responsibility for monitoring your own gauge and calling our office to schedule your delivery of fuel or propane. If you run out of fuel and a special delivery must be made, you will incur an additional delivery fee.

What are Heating Degree Days?

Heating degree days are an indication of how cold it is on any given day and how much fuel you will require. The National Weather Service provides us with this information daily. After we fill your tank, we keep track of the degree days to ensure we deliver oil when you need it.

The easiest way to explain this concept is using your car and how it uses gasoline as an example: Your car uses gasoline as you drive. How much gas your car uses is measured in Miles Per Gallon (MPG). By knowing how many gallons your car's gasoline tank holds, and how many miles per gallon your car provides, you can estimate when you will need to refuel your tank.

Automatic delivery uses the same concept. We know how much fuel your tank holds when it is full, and we multiply it by the (Miles Per Gallon) of your house, which is known as the K-Factor. This tells us "how far" your house can go before you will need more fuel.

Do you make oil deliveries in extreme weather conditions?

At Countryside Fuel and LP Gas, our goal is to go above and beyond our customers’ oil heating expectations. We will always do our absolute best to deliver your order of fuel whenever you need it, regardless of the weather.

Do you have a minimum delivery charge?

Our minimum fuel delivery at the quoted cash price is 150 gallons. We will deliver less than 150 gallons for an additional $.10 per gallon. We do not schedule deliveries for quantities less than 100 gallons. If any delivery takes less than 100 gallons, we do add a $35 delivery charge.

Do you service my area?

We are always expanding our delivery area to provide eastern Pennsylvania with the best fuel prices and the best customer service.
Our current delivery area include: Berks County, Hershey, Lebanon County, Grantville, Schuylkill County, Kutztown, Reading, Lehigh Valley, Allentown, Northampton County Harrisburg, Manheim, Ephrata and Denver. Click here for a detailed map of our service areas.